My First Contribution to Swift

My first contribution to the Swift programming language was merged earlier this year. Despite the simplicity of the bug I fixed, the process took awhile and I learned a good deal in the process. This post will briefly go over the fix I made and some give some advice for... [Read More]
Tags: ios swift oss

iOS Network Debugging With Charles Proxy

I was recently working on a project where I encountered a bit of slow down in debugging some API calls. The project can be simplified as grabbing data from a new API, parsing and persisting the data, and rendering it in a UITableView. In this particular case, the development of... [Read More]

Review of Phuket Dragon Muay Thai

It is a hot, humid morning on Phuket’s Soi Tai-ed, what has been called a mecca for “fitness holidays”. All year round, foreigners come here from all over the world to spend anywhere from weeks to months getting in shape. This single street has dozens of gyms and studios with... [Read More]